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needtobreathe medical CENTER


Opening Update

Due to the incredible generosity of our fans and the great work of the OneWorld Health team in Nicaragua, our dream of providing quality, affordable healthcare to the beautiful people of Tola is now a reality. We are excited that the NEEDTOBREATHE Medical Center is open. We're celebrating the incredible staff and all of the patients who receive quality, affordable healthcare.

Tola Medical Center
It’s very encouraging to me to know that from this day forward probably as someone is reading this people are receiving healthcare in Tola, Nicaragua. On our worst days, good work is still going on here.
— Seth Bolt
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I wasn’t expecting it at all. I was trying to get my mind prepared a little bit but then being here for the grand opening of the Tola Medical Center and hearing the music and the celebration and the town coming together and it’s just special. I am humbled by it.
— Bo Rinehart

The People of Tola


Maria Elana Busto

She is a mother who lives in Tola, Nicaragua. She is excited about a medical center coming to Tola because she will finally have a place where she can take her children when they are sick. This past year, she has had several family and friends fall ill with Chikungunya. It's a common occurrence, yet the community lacks an accessible, affordable medical center that can address this and other common diseases like hypertension, diabetes and arthritis. 

I love this country. I had no idea that this medical center would turn out the way it did. I am incredibly proud of it. And this treatment facility is probably nicer than the one I go to at home. And so I am really proud of that. I’m proud it’s going to last a lot longer than we will ever be here.
— Bear Rinehart

Tola, Nicaragua

A Clear Need

Over 50% of Tola’s area is considered to have high levels of extreme poverty, with many people earning less than $2-3 per day. In Tola, the one small public health clinic has no imaging services, no laboratory services, a limited pharmacy, and no medical specialists. There are very few private medical services available, with nearly no private doctors, few dental services, only one private laboratory, and just a handful of pharmacies. These limited services mean that anything but the most basic cases get referred to the crowded regional hospital in Rivas, which can be several hours away from many parts of Tola’s rural areas depending on transportation availability.


By The Numbers

The Tola Medical Center Grand Opening was one of the most life-changing days that I’ve gotten to experience. It’s one of those things you can’t put into words.
— Josh Lovelace
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Intersted in joining a trip?

We are looking for hard-working individuals who believe change is possible- not just for a week, but for a lifetime. OneWorld Health’s short-term medical teams are a vital component of our vision to empower communities to achieve long-term improvements in health and quality of life.

Several times a year, OneWorld Health sends teams of medical and non-medical volunteers to serve the communities surrounding our project sites in Central America and East Africa. During the development phases of our medical centers, these teams provide consistent care to the region, build a foundation of quality care and advocate for the clinic that is to come.

Once our medical centers are in operation, these teams support the centers through continuing to provide quality care, training and patient referrals. OneWorld Health’s short-term trips pave the way for the success of our long-term projects, while leaving no volunteer the same upon their return home.

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